Anti-slip protection for the rail and transport industry

Trains, buses and other public transport: In our day-to-day lives, there are very few areas in which so many people constantly accumulate in a small space. Coupled with what’s often a rushed – or even hectic – atmosphere and wet surfaces, it can quickly lead to slipping accidents with serious consequences. To protect against this, the rail and passenger transport industry have commonly defined very high requirements for anti-slip products – and rightly so. NONSLIP meets these requirements in the rail and passenger transport industry, offering perfectly adapted solutions for every application: be it train roofs, access ramps, stairs, gangways, doors or the entire infrastructure.

Safe ramps


Boarding areas

Train roofs

Interior areas

Gangway systems

Ramp systems

Using different slip-resistance classes that range from R10 to R13, BUDAY-NONSLIP helps you to ensure ramp safety. Different colours ensure clear ramp recognition.

Access ramps and sliding steps

Access ramps and sliding steps for trains or buses are mainly used by people with physical disabilities. It must be ensured that both wheelchair users and pedestrians are able to safely enter or exit the vehicle. This is especially important if the ramp is positioned at a slight angle.

Our anti-slip adhesive

Extremely strong adhesives connect the NONSLIP materials with your ramp, but can be removed if necessary. Using special printing processes, we can even supply you with individually printed NONSLIP anti-slip materials.

Boarding areas

With their extra firm grip, our BUDAY NONSLIP anti-slip tapes help protect your passengers. By using signal colours, edges can be made distinctly visible to boarding passengers.

Scope of application

Especially in boarding areas, there is a very high risk of slipping accidents. People rush towards trains or buses and try to get in fast. Their shoes and the boarding areas are often still very wet.

Our anti-slip coverings

Due to our materials’ excellent mechanical strength and high resistance to cleaning agents, NONSLIP materials are particularly well suited for long-term applications.

Train roofs

BUDAY NONSLIP offers you solutions to reliably protect your employees and service technicians from slipping accidents. Even in adverse conditions, our rough surfaces ensure secure footing on the roof and accessory equipment, defying the impact of the wind and weather over the course of many years. With special adhesives, we are even able to firmly and permanently bond difficult surfaces such as powder coatings. We provide you with all kinds of different shapes, lengths and widths.

Area of application

HVAC systems, transformers, pantographs or, for example, air conditioning systems often need to be maintained by technicians directly on the train roofs. If the roof is wet, snowy or dirty, there is an extreme risk of slipping and falling.

Interior areas

Steps as well as work, staff, restaurant and other indoor areas on trains also require very good slip resistance. In these areas, discreet solutions that attract less attention are requested. Also, different degrees of roughness are sometimes required. In tight spaces where people regularly make rotating movements, NONSLIP materials that facilitate this are required. These materials can’t be too dull, but still need to have outstanding anti-slip properties.
We are happy to advise you on which materials are suitable for your applications.

Gangway areas

When it comes to anti-slip adhesives for gangway systems in trains, a high degree of precision is key. Some of the NONSLIP cuts must be glued into tight fits and narrow walkways. The tolerances are tight and the leeway is small. Very often, the corners must be rounded out or special punch-outs have to be stamped in.

Our anti-slip coverings

BUDAY NONSLIP anti-slip coverings for gangway systems are precisely processed and fully customizable to your processing needs. Almost all dimensions and shapes are feasible for us. For the different surfaces that exist, we offer adhesives with very strong bonding and high shearing strengths.

Over 1000 individual colours are possible



Anti-slip coverings
Various grains
Various colors
Various sizes
Various shapes and punchings
Customized solutions
All common certificates
Individually printable
High adhesion
Meets all current standard
High chemical resistance
High mechanical resistance
Outstanding quality at reasonable prices