We make the world a bit safer


In our laboratory our NONSLIP tapes are tested and approved for perfect adhesives, surfaces and resistances.

Quality control

We check with a plan! We check and document here in accordance with our own QM standards or specifications.


Your NONSLIP tapes are manufactured on state-of-the-art and precise machines. In all desired sizes, colors and shapes.


We work with most modern methods, always with the customer in mind.

Why do we exist?

Because we believe that we can help make you more successful and your world a safer place. Both in terms of processes and actual physical safety. In areas that simply have to work for you and are not your main focus. We want to make your job easier!

What happens?

Products that meet your requirements. Prices that absolutely make you competitive. Quality documents that you need. Certified standards that give you the security you need. Flexibility that affords you completely new possibilities.

How do we do this?

With us, you and your requirements are at the centre of our considerations. We think of you in our company. For us, the most important thing is to understand exactly what you really need! Even if it concerns things that are not directly related to our products, but rather accompanying processes and documents.

From southern Germany to the world

Our company is located in Weil der Stadt, in the district of Böblingen near Stuttgart. From here, we deliver our products to our customers all over the world.
Export specialists create all customs documents and suitable logistics concepts for you, so that you can rely on the security of NONSLIP even in the most remote locations.

Over 22 years of experience with adhesives
Flexible with respect to materials, colours and designs
Compliance with railway standards and specifications
Excellent price-performance ratio

Our laboratory for best results

Here, all NONSLIP materials are put through their paces. Adhesive forces, anti-slip properties, climate behaviour, abrasion tests, chemical resistance, temperature tests, longevity tests.

Solutions for special challenges and special material composites are also created here.


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